Panelist 101 Series: Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of Panelist 101.If you read through Part 1 here, then you’ve already narrowed down what your panel will become content wise. Now, let’s  start to make it uniquely, you.


So, about that volunteering for an entire weekend in exchange for free stuff.

I know, I know. Not everyone wants to sacrifice any time with the waifu/husbando of your favorite fan fictions. But, hear me out, okay?

Not all volunteering involves taking on the masses  that attend each year. In fact, you can choose how long, what department, and what days you’re available to work to earn that free thing.

Mind blowing, right?

And here’s the best part, you can choose how you want to volunteer at your specific con.

Be it working the sound and projector for a panel room to taking photographs of guests attending the major events throughout con. Depending on the con you have in mind, their departments might have use of your proven skill set.

Proven skill set, PROVEN SKILL SET.

That means, some departments will request a mini work history or even reference from other cons that you can “do the thing” you claim to do. Not really an actual resume, but ….you might need a resume. Again, that depends on what position you’re applying for.

Now, just to be clear, I’m referring to more volunteer heavy, staffed cons than your average mega, professional cons the likes of Wizard World Comic Con or even JapanExpo in Paris.

However, these larger cons do sometimes ask for volunteers in less intensive roles, such as running a Convention Information booths or organizing Panelist schedules.

Speaking of panelist, I seem enjoy earning my free badges by holding so many panels. Again, depending on the con you apply to, there may be stipulations as to many panel hours you’ll need to earn a free badge.

For example, Project A-Kon in Dallas, TX requires a minimum of 8-24 hours of program panels for a free pass all 3 days.

Seems like a tall order, right?

Not really, if you submit a unique panel that’s worth 2-3 hours of activity. Then you’re nearly half way there already with only one more submission.

In my next blog update, I’ll start breaking down a generic version what each department with  a convention does. That way, some pot soul out there knows what awaits.
Plus, who doesn’t like advice about these things.