Somethings You should consider before trying Cosplay

Photo by Elias Andres-Jose via Unsplash

I know its always exciting to see your favorite character come to life before your eyes.

That guy looks and acts just like Tony Stark.

That Belle is breathtaking in her ball gown.

Or, what about that really tall and intimidating Thanos lumbering towards you.

Cosplay is exciting and fun to engage in at local conventions. But, the world has changed since the golden age of social media along with several advances in crafting technology.

So, if you’re thinking about joining the costumed society, here are a few things to consider.

Convention Departments+You

Every con, big or small, has a department that helps ensure that programming runs according to plan. Or at least as close to the original plan.

So, how do you choose which department to sacrifice those 4 hours of volunteer work?

That, my dear, depends on what your skill set is and how it could be applied to any of the  listed departments at your chosen con.