5 Surprisingly Geeky Places Hidden in Copenhagen

While on vacation to visit my younger sister, I managed to track down 5 surprisingly geeky places hidden in Copenhagen.

Even more surprising, I didn’t have to be fluent in Danish to get around most places. However, it certainly helps to know some basic sentences when traveling anywhere.

Are there really geeky places in Copenhagen?

Yes! If there’s internet connection, there’s a fan haven somewhere.

When preparing for my trip, the first thing I did was make a list of key terms to run through Google Maps.

  • Comic
  • Anime
  • Books
  • Collectible
  • Toys
  • Games

Once I had this list, I turned to my map to search for shops related to these terms. If you’re familiar with Danish, you can try searching for shops in the translated key terms. I also searched the tags of Instagram for shops under the following:

  • Denmark
  • Copenhagen
  • BoardgamesDK
  • Comics in Copenhagen
  • Tabletop Denmark

From there, I saved and favorited/liked images of store fronts that seemed appealing. This lead me to the first comic shop just beyond the cobbled streets of downtown Copenhagen.

Fantask Comic shop

Image via Google Maps

Fantask Comics houses both American comics, Japanese comics and Danish translated comics. Just remember to look down for a door.

Danish shops have this marvelous way of utilizing all areas of a building. Thus, hygge (cozy) is a popular term to describe that feeling when close together or comforting spaces, as my sister explained to me.

If you were to pass by from the outside, one would see that Fantask has filled their window space to the brim with geeky merchandise and a few table top games in demand.

Going directly to the back left, you would encounter aisles of books available for fantasy, Sci-fi, urban fantasy, and nonfiction works crowd the walls.

I specifically came to this store in search of D&D figures; a pair of unpainted Halfling Rogues. But, I also left with a Harry Potter themed sweater by Numskull.

Sweater by Numskull
Image via Google Maps

Bastard Cafe is the spot for board gaming geeks.

What really peaked my interest with this store was the name and the video on their website that showcased their offerings.

When asking my sister what she thought of it, she mentioned her classmates always suggested the space for their study groups. But, she had yet to go herself.

While I didn’t get a chance to physically go into the store, I hear they serve an awesome snack menu and a specialty drink just for gamers staying in.

Image via 360 Image

Warhammer was another store I didn’t physically make it out to.

This store caught my eye during a bus ride to Tivoli Park for the day. If you’re familiar with Neo-futuristic war games, Warhammer is a strategy game that offers a wide range of army builds and maps to choose from.

From what I could see of the website, the stores had recently opened in the area and around the world as well. Offering unpainted figures, display cases chalk full of completed war tanks and terrains.

Bip Bip Bar

The Bip Bip Bar is the coziest little slice of 80s nostalgia this side of the pond. Two floors worth of games both as a cabinet and pinball. Or try re-living  90s gamer consoles like a functioning N64.

Buy any drink and you’ll receive a gaming card to use at any activity in the building.

You can even try to beat the resident high score and report your number to the bar for the record. According to their website, these scores are all in good fun.

While we didn’t go in (it was closed on a Sunday)my sister was happy to show us the outside.


AniMerch was another awesome find that was too good to just pass.

I wish I took more photos, but was distracted by the collection of posters.

Here, you could find gachapons still snug in their capsules. A back room that was open to guests for a trading card events and shelves upon shelves of figures galore. PS Vita games of discontinued franchises litter the shelves.

Sadly, my budget had stretched its limit and I had to leave empty handed.

And that’s my five surprisingly geeky places hidden in Copenhagen. Did I miss any places?

Did I get the “hygge” term right?

Tell me where in the comments below. Maybe I’ll try to hit those places up on my next trip back.

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