5 Things I Want To See In Aggretsuko Season 2

As a working adult millennial,Β  I’m sure that I am not alone in saying the Netflix x Sanrio’s, Aggretsuko really hit the feels. When it was announced at Anime Expo that Season 2 was in motion, I had to catch my breath. Then I got to thinking about what else could Retsuko show us from her corporate life. So, here are 5 things I want to see in Aggretsuko, Season 2.

If you haven’t watched Season 1 yet, don’t look at these theories. Spoilers ahead!

More Work Place Types

While we were introduced to Retsuko’s co-workers and a walking stereotype of a rich girl with too much time on her hands…


I think it’s time that we meet some of the other departments within the finance district. Some of which, I’m sure many a late-bill payer might be familiar with … too many times. Bring on the Slick salesman, that one guy who no one knows what he actually does, andΒ  the wallflower in the audit department. I can just imagine what a loan shark would look like with a Sanrio treatment.

Demotion or Promotion

Last we saw, Retsuko had made pretty powerful friends with Gori and Washimi.


I’m sure the discussion of a pay raise or role change will come up. However, as a woman in a Japanese corporation, I’m sure the process of being promoted or demoted would be interesting.

With our metal queen’s luck, she might be faced with choosing a new role or be forcibly moved into an additional role beyond her control. I’d love to see what Mr. Ton decides to do with her.

Growing Pains of a New Relationship

Did we forget about Haida’s confession at the hospital?


Personally, I’m all for the relationship if it does end up happening.

I’m ready to see how these two work out moving in together and/or navigating work and personal life problems. If you haven’t had an office romance at least once, your bound to hear some interesting stories or review a few workplace policies for what can and can’t happen. For example, did you know some company’s do not want spouse/significant others working in the same work unit. So…. Haida, what is your role again?

Yoga Level Epic

Bring back the yogi. We all need a little more Protein in our lives and some more work on our Child Pose.


But seriously, can the altruistic Roo come back and help little Retsuko through some of her misadventures. We’ll need the escape and grass based drink mixes.

More Power Ballads

Come on, I think we’re all ready for a new vinyl full of working girl angst. Maybe throwΒ  in a few overly concerned parents and ‘When are you going to have a baby?’ woes.


These are just a few things I’m wanting to see in Season 2, premiering sometime in 2019.

What are you hoping for next season? Let me know in the comments.

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