The Art of Aging in J-Fashion

It’s no secret that everyone thinks about the dreaded “O” word when it comes to fashion.

Am I ”too old” for this?

I’ll be 29 years old this September and I have dabbled in at least 5 different forms of J-Fashion. Maybe you’ve heard of these:

Gyaru/GAL, Lolita, Fairy, Genderless, and most recently, Yami Kawaii (meaning sickly cute; not to be confused with Yumi Kawaii which means dreamy cute).

Photos are via my Cellphone

From left to right: Gyaru/GAL, Lolita (while breaking day rules!), Fairy/Genderless

I’ve thought about the ”O” word since dawning my first set of frills and yet…

I keep wearing it on the weekends.

Albeit, it does help to be apart of a like-minded community of fellow weird, fashion enthusiasts. Yes, there’s still plenty of starring and secret pictures being snapped to post later on some website. But, who really cares when you’re having friends doing the same in broad daylight.

So, why do it?

Why continue to wear these strange threads and not give a flying…

Because it makes me feel like… Well, me.

I remember the old days of Livejournal before it was pushed to back with the rise of Facebook communities. Spending hours browsing old posts for clues to a defunct brand’s elusive blouse or trying to figure what shoe size to get for an American Women’s size 10 narrow.

There was nothing more rewarding than making a sketchy trade online for clothing you wouldn’t physically see for another few months. Shouting in triumph after pouncing the mailman/woman for a large package from Taiwan and tearing open the box to reveal a mint condition Alice in the Pirates lucky pack with all the trimmings from that winter sale you missed out on last year due to the site crashing.

I felt so alive when a dress or a top that wouldn’t fit around my shoulders suddenly gives in to my heaves without popping a seam.

Do you remember the days of playing dress up and pretending you were someone else?

Now that you’re holding a steady job, why not treat yourself to the looks you’ve been dreaming of.

All I’m saying is that you owe it to your past self. Life’s too short to quote, “Not buy the dress”.

Many of my idols are still going strong in the J-Fashion world, despite a lot of changes since 2013.

Let the record show, the idol of Lolita, Misako Aoki is turning 36 this year.

The epitome of decora, Haruka Kurebayashi is turning 26 this year.

The creator of Shironuri, Minori is turning 27 this year.

These are just a few who are a testament that street fashion keeps evolving and age is still not a factor. We’re even seeing this shift happening in the West.

Fashion is an art form that’s constantly reinventing oneself. If you still need convincing, then take a page out of Lyn Slater’s blog. Or wander over to Baddie Winkles corner for the latest collaborations on her Instagram.

These silver foxes continue to take their styles to the next level and I hope to have just as much sassy, class as them some day.

Me on the left as a Yami Bear. Photo by Ethan Bisbort

So, I guess what I’m saying is find your reason.

It’s that simple.

Whether you’re just turning 45 or going on 60, if you just discovered a new fashion that makes your heart sing, go for it! Know that I’m here rooting for you and looking to take a selfie if we meet at a con.

Fashion has been around since mankind learned to dress properly, do you really think it has time to ponder what age it is?

I know, not exactly earth shattering advice here. But, take it from a recovering introvert with a weird hat collection, “You can do the thing”. Just take it your own pace and keep trying a little more every time.

No matter what, don’t forget why you’re wearing that bright, funky colored jacket with the matching high tops.

Remember how it makes you feel.

Remember how much more confident, cool, and saucy that one piece of clothing or accessories made you feel.

Remember that is really all for you.

Of course, there’s a time and place for everything.

But, on those days that are just for you, pick the best outfit for your day.

Remember to show the world what your power #PowerOOTD was meant for.

What sort of fashion are you into lately? Reading any good blogs, I should follow?

Leave me a comment and link below.

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